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Rapid urbanization causes greenhouse gas emission to have a tendency to increase in the course of time. One of the main outputs of rapid urbanization is the traffic effect on environmental quality in urban areas. Motor land vehicles-induced greenhouse gas emissions negatively affect environmental quality in cities. In this regard, there is a need for analysing the effect of urbanization and traffic factors quality on environment problem. The related problem is the starting point of our study. The goal of this study is to analyse the effect of motor land vehicles and population urbanization on environmental quality in Turkey case example in the period of 1995-2016 within the scope of evaluation of the urbanization quality. Greenhouse gas emissions belong to the environmental parameter; rural population, rural population increase, population increase, urban population, urban population increase belongs to urbanization parameter, and motor land vehicles variables were analysed by Root Mean Square Error method. Effect of population increase on greenhouse gas emissions was scrutinized in the first stage of analysis; effect of motor land vehicles on greenhouse gas components was evaluated in the second stage of the analysis. With reference to the results, urban population increase has the maximum effect on greenhouse gas emissions; emissions based on CO2, CH4, N2O and F gases affected by the number of automobiles most among the motor land vehicles. It can be said for policy recommendations in line with the results that emergent strategies about agricultural reform and reversing the rural-urban migration for urbanization quality should be determined and applied. Cities need to be divided into eco-communities designed in a proper manner to bearing capacity of ecosystems which is lived in. Industrial sector and agricultural sectors should be integrated via rotation and diversification of occupations between urban and rural areas. Moreover, it is advised that a number of vehicles which use diesel fuel and gas ought to be urgently reduced; exhaust gas of motor land vehicles should be controlled well; fuel quality control should be provided as well.

Turkey, Urbanization, Environmental Quality, Root Mean Square Errors Method

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