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The subject of our study constitutes is perspective of poor and poverty of Elvan-i Şirazi and Abdullah Bosnevi, who are the leading names in Sufism literature holding an important place in Turkish literature, in their own time. Nations, families and individuals need to have the necessary living conditions to maintain their lives. This situation brings with it a certain financial discipline. This financial discipline is provided by economy and budget. The welfare situation of societies and individuals is directly proportional to their ability to meet their needs and to ensure their daily livelihood. The quality of the livelihood is at a level which can positively or negatively affect the health of the society and the individual. In societies with high levels of welfare, especially from a secular world point of view, it is thought that individuals living in that society are more prosperous and happy. The introduction of the study consists of terms related to economics, their scientific definitions and etymological analyzes. After the introduction, these two works will focus on couplets related to poverty. As it is known, a material poverty and spiritual poverty is the point in question in poverty case in almost every issue. We evaluated this point in a way to point out the present case by taking the two important works of these two thinkers: Gülşen-i Raz and Şerh-i Cezire-i Mesnevi. Therefore, this evaluation will have revealed point of view, Şebüsteri and the famous humanist Mevlana who are influenced by these mystics

Keywords: Mevlana, Real Poverty, Şebüsteri, Abdullah Bosnevi, Language Philosophy.

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