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Throughout history, the desire of human beings to know the unknown has led him to seek out a variety of things; dream interpretation was used as one of the tools for satisfy the curiosity about this unknown. People wondered about the meaning of what they saw in the dream; dream patterns are frequently used because they believe that the patterns which were seen in the dreams contain clues about the future and hidden meanings. Ilm-i tabir describes the meaning of the things seen in the dream and muabbir describes the interpreters of the dreams. Works written in this genre also called as “ta’bir-nâme, ta’birât-ı vukûât, ta’bîrât-ı rüyâ, rü’yâ-nâme, vâkıa-nâme, segir-nâme, güzâriş-nâme”. The dream is a phenomenon that exists throughout human history. When the ancient civilizations were examined, it is seen that there are dream interpretation texts belonging to Assyrians in B.C. 5000 years. In Turkish culture, dream and interpretation have an important place both before and after Islam. The dream pattern is a noteworthy element in Uygur Türeyiş, Oğuz Kağan and Dede Korkut epics, and also in Kutadgu Bilig, there is a separate section about dream interpretation. Most of the dream interpretation books in classical Turkish literature are in Arabic and Persian translations. When the copies of the dream interpretation book which are present in the libraries are scanned, it is seen that such works have been written from the 19th century. In this study, information is given about a dream interpretation book in a journal which is registered under the Harl. 5450/9 in The British Museum. The structure and content of the work in the 23b-26a sheets of the magazine were examined and the translation of the text was included.

Dream, Dream Interpretation Book, Translated Text, Classical Turkish Literature.

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