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Students trained in a profession at a higher education level must learn the requirements of the profession both the or etically and practically before they are admitted to the profession. Those who are trained in the tourist guidance profession acquire the or etical knowledge within the scope of the courses they take during their higher education and practice during the irinterns hipperiod. With the intern ship practices, it is aimed that the students to transform the theoretical knowledge acquired in higher education in stitutions into practice. The aim of this study is to determine similarities and differences by considering interns hippolicies that are implemented in the undergraduate tourist guidance education in Turkey and to examine the compatibility of theinternshipswiththerequirements of thetouristguidanceprofession. In this research, the content analysis technique, which is one of the qualitative research methods, has beenused. Internship regulation of 32 tourist guidance undergraduate programs, 3 of which are in the private universities and 29 in public universities which have accepted students in the 2018-2019 academic year have been examined within the scope of there search. The intern ship regulations were evaluated according to the types of the university (public/private), the institution to which the program is affiliated (faculty and college), the intern ship requirement, the intern ship exemption, the intern ship period and the regulations were evaluated by considering the titles specific to the tourist guidance program. As a result of there search, it was determined that the intern ship regulations differed according to the university to which the faculty and the school is affiliated, there is no intern ship regulation specific to the tourist guidance departments, theinternshipregulationsaregenerallycomprehensive in mostuniversities, there are no compulsory practices covering there quirements of the tourist guidance profession. It is seen that there is a difference only in the place of internship in the intern ships that the students of the tourist guidance department should do, however, this does not include the obligation to practice forthe profession.

Adaptation to the Profession, Internshıp Regulatıons, Tourist Guidance.

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