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Alcoholic beverages have a special and important place in the entertainment assemblies and tables of medieval Turkish-Islamic statesmen. Turks made various alcoholic drinks from different food stuffs. Among the alcoholic beverages the most preferred wine. The ancient Iranian tradition has been instrumental in making wine a traditional identity. Ghaznavids, Great Seljuks, Zengids and Ayyubids assumed the representation of this tradition. However, this tradition was interrupted from time to time due to the attitude of those who remained tied to the base of Islam that forbids alcohol. The rulers of Bahrî Mamlûk also acted in accordance with the tendency of the period and gave priority to wine. However, they have also maintained their habit of kımız. In the period the freedom and prohibition of alcohol generally came in line with the loyalty of the Mamluk rulers to the religious ban on this matter. Despite the prohibitions and heavy penalties, alcohol consumption has not been completely prevented. The centers of wine production in Cairo are Christian settlements. Shubra, where the majority of the population is Christians and Hizanatu’l bunûd, which was converted into the residence of the prisoners during the time of en-Nâsır Muhammad, are the most famous among these centers. Even during the times when wine was banned, the production and consumption of non-Muslims was not restricted, except for the troubling periods between the Muslim-Christian community and the personal attempts by a few statesmen againts alcohol. The wine production and trade provided significant income to the state. Alexandria is a key point in the wine trade. Emir al-Hâc Âl Melik who is the regent (naib al-saltana) of en-Nasir Muhammad's son Meliku’s-sâlih Imâdeddin Abu İsmail, banned the wine trade and because of that the economy of the city broke.

Bahrî Mamlûks, Great Seljuks, Zengids, Ayyubids, Wine

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