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Art is an action that includes a psychological aspect by providing catharsis for its creators since Aristotle, as well as bringing an aesthetic perspective to human. Literature, drawing its strength from language, is one of these arts as well. It plays a crucial role in individuals’ transformation from “otherized” identities into individuals who can express themselves, understand, explain and design as well as fictionalize in the context of reader or author. As a reader, individuals seize an opportunity for a world beyond reality along with aesthetics and language development. Besides, individuals acquiring the author identity get the chance to share their own fictional worlds by initiating their literary production process and producing texts. Thanks to the press activities that have accelerated correspondingly with technological development, literal production activities by disabled individuals in modern Turkish literature have gained speed. Furthermore, the works produced by disabled individuals in different genres of literature such as poetry, novel, and short story have increased in number. This production has enormously contributed to disabled individuals’ self-realization process both socially and psychologically. Besides, it has opened up a field by creating a significant accumulation in Turkish literature. In this article, a general review has been made on writers who contributed to Turkish literature with their literary works by overcoming their mental and physical disabilities. And, the thematic and stylistic differences and similarities observed in these works have been presented. Individuals, many of whom continue their literary works with the aid of local administrations have been observed that they gave examples of different genres such as poetry, novel, short story, essay, memoir, and autobiography. Besides, it has been determined that, while individualistic themes gained importance in poetry and short story, in other genres, assessments concerning the social aspect draw the attention. These texts, which should not be evaluated only as literal outputs, also include many factors in respect of disabled individuals’ psychology and the way they position themselves in society.

Turkish literature, disabled writers and poets, disabled literature

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