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Yavuz Bülent Bakiler depicts his commitment to the Turkic world in his proses and poems. The poet, who handlesmany Anatolia cities asa theme of his poems, has built city-people relationship referring the difficulties the Anatolian people faced. Expressing that Turkey doesn’t just include big cities, he reports the reflections of Turkish culture in terms of place. The poet, who imagines the mother land of the turkish people from Altai Mountains to God’s Mountains, mentions his commitment to the Geography of Turkistan and difficulties that the Turkic World has. He talks about the fact that Azerbaijan is not independent with regard to the cities without sounds of prayer calls. On the other hand, Turkmen in Iraq are helpless and their cities are ruined while the balkans remained poor after the Ottoman Empire receded. The places that the poet handled are important because they illustrate social and cultural background of Turkish community. Turkish community are identified with the places they lived. Life philosophy of Turkish people can be felt in the places they lived before. The concept of place has gained a new understanding when Turkic World met Islamic world. The reflections of Turkish Islamic art on places will result in the reconstruction of life.

Yavuz Bülent Bakiler, Turkistan, Azerbaijan, The balkans, Place.

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