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One of the leading writers in the 19th century Anton Pavlovich Checkov wrote story “Dushecka”, which is based on the ordinary Russian provincial life, with the purpose of satirizing the petty-bourgeois life and the life, in which people lived uselessly and insignificantly. Hero in the story had a limited domestic world. Therefore, her life expectancy was quite small and simple. More particularly various personality problems were observed in the hero’s character. Because of having dependent character, after a certain time Dushecka imitated people whom she took to the center of her own life. She begined to think and act like them over time. However, when she lost that person, she searched for another person after a short time of suffering. The central concern of this study is A.P.Checkov’s creation of his hero’s bewildering character,whose entire life he depicted in detail with special emphasis on his dependent personality.

Dushecka, love, life, dependent character

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