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Minstrel tradition; which performs a significant duty regarding sociocultural context; being originated from verbal cultural medium, has been able to reach modern day by being quoted from generation to generation within a discipline. Repesentatives of the tradition with their stringed instruments on their waist and word on their tounge , had been wittness of their age and voive of their society. Minstrels which are the representatives of mentioned tradition; had been nourished with products that were partaking and being condserved in verbatral tradition. In other words; minstrels had been people who presented and conserved society's life style, culture and attidues with their word and stringed instrument. Minstrels had articulated the attitudes of the society they live in,; against economical, social, cultural and political events; at all ages and all occasions. While articulating the senses, feelings, thoughts and rections of the community; they used community's own, plain verbal language with extreme mastership. Also with the expession of Fuat Köprülü; minstrels are poet-instrumentalists that perform their or someone else's poets with the stringed instrument they play. Minstrel Ismail Tezani, is a person who has serious services and contributions to the minstrel tradition which was due to being forgotten.With his art and literal personality Tezani, is one of the important minstrels of 20th century. Minstrel Ismail Tezani, using language at his works in a manner that can articulate community's feelings and thoughts; is a caring minstrel who never was a mere on looker to age's events He is a personality who has succeded in being the eye, ear and tounge of the society he blonged, if need be.

Culture, Community, Minstrel, Minstrel Tradition

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