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According to the approaches of traditional moral education; morality consists of a package of good and bad habits. Kohlberg is one of recent moral educators and a theoretician synthesizing the areas of philosophy, psychology and sociology with sense of moral education. Drawing attention to how morality develops and intending to present concrete studies; Kohlberg conducted his research by giving stories with moral dilemmas to children and asking them how they would react in such circumstances. His stories that contain various heroes are used in school books and even cartoons and movies from time to time. These stories catch the attention of adults and children and create a good resource for discussion environment related to moral values. Considering the importance of books and literary works, it is seen that Dede Korkut Stories, a work by the common past, culture and the Turkish nation, comprise one of the most important works reflecting the cultural values of the Turkish society. In this study, it was tried to determine the moral development stages in Dede Korkut Stories based on Kohlberg’s moral development stages that are accepted in the whole world. The study was conducted by using survey model and the data were analyzed by using descriptive analysis method. Evaluating in general terms, it was observed that the stories mainly involved pre-conventional and conventional behaviors; however, there was a limited number of messages regarding post-conventional behaviors.

Moral education, Dede Korkut Stories, Culturel Values.

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