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Khidr Nebi, Khizr Nebi,Khidr-Zinde holiday with its unique place in Turkish culture is celebrated with great enthusiasm among the Azerbaijani Turks living in the Nakhchivan region in the 9th of February. This holiday, celebrated 40 days before the Nevruz festival, has been inherited by generations of generations and has been up to daylight. The traditions and beliefs practiced during the holiday days are based on long-lived folk experience and keep a thousand years history in their own selves. Khidr-Nebi wheat roasting, nut buying, methods used to make the wishes of the holiday day true, showing the proportion of children coming to the door in the evening shows the cultural richness of the holiday. According to the common denomination of the region, the feast is the holiday of Khizir (a.s) and İlyas (a.s) and is celebrated in their honor. The celebration of the feast during periods when the air is cold, the call for help from Khidr (a.s) has become relevant to her needs. According to beliefs, Khidr (a.s) will warm up with a little air to bring warm air with him. Khidr (a.s) on the eve of the holiday sustenance, the young people to distribute the belief that the region is widespread. Everyone has different applications to get ridiculous and grant from Khıdr (a.s), praying that their wishes are real. In order to be abundant in the coming year, they made different applications and organized various entertainments among themselves. The traditions and beliefs about this holiday which is celebrated seasonally are still going on today.

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