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The postmodern novel, that arises after the sixties in world literature, after the eighties in Turkish literature, vary from traditional novel concept in every respect. Characteristics of this trend are seen in most of the authors of the last period of Turkish literature. Here, the effective is that post-modern novel reflects value judgments and perceptions of the changing world more successfully. In today's literary works’ having more than one semantic layer takes the reader different readings and shows that he has the right to an equal voice with the author. Thus, the author presents his/her reader the opportunity and he/she fades from the scene and the reader complete the background to the text. Elif Şafak’s Araf is a narrative which reflects postmodern novel conception. The outstanding features in this study have been analyzed under some headings and postmodern conception of narrative has been pointed out. However, on the one hand the postmodern novel features have been focused on; on the other hand elements of a classic novel such as the plot, time, place, characters have been evaluated with a postmodern approach. In addition, on the occasion of some names, which are often emphasized in the novel, a number of evaluations have been done and the meaning of these names, added into the novel, has been focused on. Araf has been fictionalised with a complex plot in order to make the reader think. The time, as usual in postmodern texts, is scattered and fragmented. The place in narrative is sometimes used functionally even though it is identified with the reader and dominates them. On the contrary to giving importance to idealized and noncontradictory person in modern novel, the importance is given to the subject, who has paradoxes and can change according to circumstances. Intertextuality and image form the key features of the novel.

Postmodernism, Elif Şafak, Araf, novel.

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