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TURKIC WORDS IN RUSSIAN DIALECTS - In the case of Vologodsk and Arhangel dialect groups of North dialects A-B -
Language relations between Russian and Turkic go back to very old times. The formation of this relationship was influenced by historical relations, geographical and social conditions. It is possible to determine the relationship between two languages, both in the written language and in the dialects of the two languages. The first studies on the dialects of Russian began in the first half of the 19th century. On the basis of these studies, the dialects and subdialects of the Russian language had been revealed as follows: The northern dialect consists of Ladogo-Tihvin, Vologod, Kostroma, Onej, Lach and Belozersko-Bejets dialect groups; the southern dialect consists of West, Upper Dnepr, Upper Desnin, Kursko-Orlov, East (Ryazan), Tula dialect groups and Elets and Oskol subdialects. Those who do not form dialect in the middle group are Gdov, Pskov, Vladimirsko-Povoljskiy dialect groups and Novgorod, Seligero-Torjkov subdialects. In this study, after giving a brief information about Turkic - Russian historical, contemporary language relations and Russian dialects, Turkic words in the Vologod and Arhangel subdialects, constituting the northern dialect of Russian, will be identified. In addition, the quotations used in common in these dialect groups and in Turkic will also be mentioned. In the conclusion section, some evaluations will be made.

Russian dialects and subdialects, Turkic words, Northern dialects.

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