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One of the most decisive elements of Turkish political life is the role played by the army in political life. There is no doubt that every military intervention has succeeded in bringing forth new centers of tutelage along with the ordinances that will increase the strength of the army. However, the reasons for the formation of military coups and the consequences they create should not be understood only through the military. This has to be evaluated in terms of the negativities on the civil society. Each military coup built its own historical-social, economic, cultural and socio-political order. How these new arrangements will be shaped; not only with the decisions and actions of the army, but also with the social and political actors involved. Each of the socio-political and socioeconomic arrangements that occurred after the military coups had different effects on different social and political actors. Turkey has come face to face for the first time in history with a coup attempt. But the July 15 coup attempt, a first in the history of Turkey. Because, for the first time in history, a structure that characterized itself as a "religious movement" in society and the state has pointed a gun at its own people and has attempted to seize the administration in an unlawful manner. This structure, which has been secretly realized as the aim of "infiltration to the state" in the image of an education-oriented religious service, has pointed the gun at the national so as to seize the state directly, bombed the national assembly, killed its own people and wounded many of them.

Military coup, Military intervention, Democracy, Politics.

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