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Prepositions that reinforce the meaning, strengthen the statement, clarify the expression, eliminate misunderstandings and help us to communicate in a healthier way where used are called as reinforcement prepositions. Prepositions that are used for the purposes of reinforcement strengthen the meaning where used. Reinforcement prepositions gives a particular politeness, nuance to the meaning. This style of expression emerges and becomes more pronounced in use. All reinforcement prepositions used in Turkish since our written texts were reviewed. The study focused on the reinforcement duty of prepositions. Introduction section of the study gives general information about the preposition term, classification of prepositions, definitions of preposition, characteristics of prepositions, structures of prepositions, reinforcement and reinforcement prepositions. In the review section the reinforcement prepositions used in the historical written language and Turkish dialects under the heading "Reinforcement Prepositions in Turkish Language". The roots, areas of use and functions of reinforcement prepositions are also explained. Reinforcement prepositions determined in our work were tabulated. First table gives the distribution of dialect reinforcement prepositions. Prepositions are displayed in tablature according to alphabetical order. Thus, in which dialects the preposition is used will be better seen on the table. In the second tablature, the rooting and usage places of reinforcement prepositions were given. In this table, the usage places of reinforcement prepositions will be better understood. In the table we gave a total of 80 reinforcement prepositions by dialect. In the table, a total of 80 reinforcement prepositions are given according to their dialect. In this study, only the reinforcement function of the prepositions used in Turkic was emphasized. Certainly, these prepositions are also used in other tasks in different sentences. The tasks of reinforcement prepositions occur during use. Many of the prepositions of reinforcement come to the end of the sentence, reinforcing the meaning.

Language, grammar, word, preposition, reinforcement.

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