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The concept of archetype developed by Carl Gustav Jung is used by scientists today, especially during the analysis of heroes of folklore narratives. The word archetype, which means first sample, is also covered by words such as primitive images and prototypes. Archetypes produced by the common unconscious have emerged as the result of tens of thousands of years of mankind experience. The archetypes that can be conceived in the context of the reactions given to the typical experiences of humanity in this respect show common features for all humanity regardless of place, time and culture. Archetypes in symbolic form in everyday life symbolize the things that human beings are particularly difficult to make sense. Archetypes that have fantastic features are in close relation with mythology and religion, and archetypes are found in mythical and religious texts. One of the animal symbols frequently encountered among archetypes is associated with healing and immortality all over the world. It has been regarded as immortal among humans because of its ability to change its snake shell and sustain its life. The snake has always been regarded as extraordinary by people because of its ability to live underground, which is also a deadly place. This study will be carried out in the context of archetypal analysis of the serpent, which is of great importance for the world in general and Turkish people in particular, and whether or not it can be accepted as an archetype.

Jung, archetype, first sample/initial image, snake, shahmeran

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