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This study deals with Nazan Bekiroğlu’s Pomegranate Tree, first published by Timaş Publications in 2012, in terms of understanding how the traces of the past evolved into the present in literature. The study will also analyse the establishment of historical and cultural connections between Turkey, Azebaijan and Iran from historical and sociological perspectives. Literature, which is a supra culture, is in fact a mirror to the political, cultural, sociological, historical and even economic relationships between different societies. Even though literature is mostly fictional, it is at the same time a melting pot for social and humanitarian relationships. Nazan Bekiroğlu has put the setting in this novel through an area among Trabzon-Tebriz-Tiflis-Batum- Bakü-İstanbul and interchangably narrated episodes developed synchronically in different settings in a poetic language. The fictional time in the novel covers the years between the Balkan Wars and The World War I. The narrator, whom we understand that is an academician in a university in Trabzon, tries to find out who Settarhan, his grandfather, born in as the son of Mirza Khan,a famous merchant, and started to live in Turkey somehow was through the visits he made to these three countries. The narrator in his long journey learns his family’s origins, tries to establish family ties again, witnesses sorrowful love stories and the perished lives due to emigration and forced emigration following these two wars. He questions various problems caused by war. Bekiroğlu takes her readers to a magic journey which welcomes a love story in its center through her novel in which such concepts as multiculturalism, multinationalism, and multilingualism are brought and together and questioned.

Pomegranate Tree, Nazan Bekiroğlu, Turkey, Azerbeijan, Iran

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