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The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, first used in Hannover Trade Fair 2011 in Germany, marks a new era in which robots can manufacture without human intervention. Industry 4.0 will not only change production as it was in the previous industrial revolutions; will directly or indirectly cause significant transformations in many sectors such as communications, media, transportation, education, health, trade, finance, banking, justice, public administration and local governments. This revolution, which will lead to the redesign of human life, presents some opportunities and threats for local governments. It’s great importance for local goverments to understand as soon as possible that the changes that may or may be caused by the industry 4.0, which is much more outdistancing than previous industrial revolution in terms of local administrations. The method of this study consists of literature review compiled from national and international sources. In this study, the concept of industry 4.0 is explained by examining next generation technologies such as cyber physical systems, internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud technology, big data and block chain. In the content of the study, Industry 4.0 and the expected to occur / occured changes in local administrations against new generation technology usage were tried to be revealed. These changes have been examined in two groups as technology-based and socially-based changes, and the situation of local governments has been handled separately under each heading. Purpose of the study, in the world that live fourth industrial revolution, to make our local goverments to get away from the traditional management approach, to provide a different point of view and give a new horizon about new world order that is waiting for them in the near future. In this way, our local governments will have the opportunity to use modern technology and transfer it to the urban life.

Industry 4.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution, New Generation Technologies, Public Administration, Loca

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