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Internet has emerged to reach information easier, faster and safer and to facilitate the communication between people. Social media enabling individuals to express their opinions and ideas on an online platform has become widespread with the development of internet. The occurrence of the habit of spending time on various social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, increasing online shopping providing shopping without wasting your energy and comparison, conducting various processes and tasks related to the public institutions through the services of e-government or e-municipality, having the opportunity to make monetary transactions via online e-banking regardless of time and place difference has made us addicted to the internet that joined our lives. Although it has many features facilitating people’s lives, the widespread use of social media tools emerged through internet with the developments in informative technologies has led to an addiction. Undoubtedly, this situation has led various problems in work, family and social life as well as affecting the individuals psychologically. The aim of the study is to present the effects of the use of internet which has become a part of our daily lives by means of computers, tablets and mobile phones on public officers by examining the netlessphobia in the public institutions in the province of Isparta. As a result of the field research a significant relation in terms of netlessphobia was found between those who use social media and those who do not use social media according to the education level and incomes of the participants.

Internet, Netlessfobia, Public Officers, Isparta.

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