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Tradition is among the first features that give an identity to a community and differentiate it from the others. Tradition becomes permanent in society through years. They become a part of the cultural wealth as they’re handed down from generation to generation. Clothes, one of the primary needs of humankind, has had other functions too throughout history. Clothes give messages about people’s social classes, their social and economic statues in the society and also about their belief, civil and ethnic identities. The colour, model, adornment, fabric and other features of clothes give important clues on different subjects. Clothing items which were then used to be protected from the natural conditions have begun to reflect regional and national characteristics of a community as they’re influenced by the social, cultural and religious values over time. Turks too formed clothing styles that fit the socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions in the historical process extending from Central Asia to the Anatolian lands. In this context, wedding dresses reflecting the cultural richness of Anatolian people and used in marriage ceremonies are unique in every community. In this declaration, traditional wedding dresses worn in whirling ceremonies at the weddings between 1925-1970 in the Alevi villages of Çubuk will be examined.

Keywords: Çubuk, traditional clothes, culture, brıde

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