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Antioch, which is the crossroads between the Asia Minor and the Syrian lands on the road route from Anatolia to Egypt is ancient city that have been home to many civilization such as Egypt, Assyrians, Roma, Persians, Arabs and Ottomans. Historical bazaars, which are part of the identity of urbanized cities, are important areas for sampling social memory. The bazaars in which you can see the projection of social life, the traditions and the activities are the areas where various activities are made. Such areas, where many activities are carried out together, do not serve only as trade centers. Antioch’s Uzun Çarşı, which has even been the subject of Evliya Çelebi's Seyahatname is an important part of urban identity with its history-oriented tradition that goes back to the XVI century. Uzun Çarşı is one of the important areas of the city where the social memory is built. Culture, which is an important element of social memory, is an organism that evolving, changing and even dying. This study traces the beliefs and the traditions of the tradesman giving a sight of Uzun Çarşı which is also sampling the changes and transformations of the collective memory of Uzun Çarşı. Findings of the study were obtained by going to Uzun Çarşı in various time periods in 2017 and making interviews with tradesmen by random sampling technique along with on-site observation. The interviews were recorded with voice recorder and then the recorded data was dictated and documentated by listening to the recorder. Findings were also supported by relevant sources in the literature. In this paper it is tried to analyze the traces of the social memory of the city by classifiying the obtained findings with topics such as “apprenticeship”, “relationships of the tradesmen”, “business lines”, “a set of beliefs and customs”.

Antioch, city identity, bazaar, social memory, Uzun Carsi

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