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Nawruz is one of the traditional national festivals of the Turkish nation. Date of the Feast of Nawruz is as old as the Turks. Turks were celebrating this day in different names such as “New day”, “spring festival”, “Feast of the Ergenekon” before Islam. Mete Khan has been around since the time of this feast, of nature feast in the tradition of the Turks. Nizami Gencevi wrote in his book called “İskendername” Nawruz celebrated as a widely national holiday by the Turks B.C. 350 years. Persians have begun to celebrate the Nawruz since XI. century. This has been with the encouragement of excessive Persian nationalist Ferdowsi. Based on some of the misinformation Persians Nawruz suggests that the Turks. Nawruz, however, is the spring festival celebrated by the Turkish communities living in the wide Turkish world, from north to south, from east to west. Nawruz knits together the people in this geograpyh, reinforcing the a day of unity and cohesion. Nawruz holiday from Turkish culture, enriched every aspect of the Turkish traditions and customs, and the history of five thousand years based on the basis holiday of national. The Turks themselves as the calendar day he wakes up soil amendment. We can observe at many sources belong to many countries from the Adriatic to the Great Wall of China that this feast coming from.

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