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In this study, the diplomatic relations and ambassadors between the Orkhon Uygur Khanate and the Tang Dynasty of China were discussed. The diplomatic relations between the Uyghurs and T’angs were established in the period of I. Gokturk Khanate. These relations, although it seems beneficial for Uyghurs and T’angs, they were harmful and destructive for Gokturks. After the collapse of the Gokturk Khanate by the Uyghurs, these relations accelerated and developed. Particularly the An Lu Shan rebellion, which began in China, was a turning point in regard to Uyghurs - T’angs relations. After this, the dominant position of Uyghurs in the relationship between the two countries draws attention. Following this rebellion, the T’ang suffered a great loss of power and could not regain its former power. Then, in this process in which economic gains in terms of Uighur-T'ang relations came forward, embassy activities cover political and social issues. In general, ambassadors have been active between the two countries on many issues such as giving gift-tribute, willingness to trade, granting name and title, post-mortal condolences, and throne changes. The identity and number of the ambassadors sent are also important in terms of the significancy of the relations. It is also understood that Maniheism, which entered into the Uyghur country through China, had influence in the Uyghur-T'ang relations. In the relations between Uyghur and T’ang, It is understood that the original princesses from T’ang Palace wanted to be the wife of Uyghur Han. For this reason, there are also members of the T’ang family members in the convoys formed. These relations have led to positive or negative situations in terms of Uyghurs and T’angs relations. Depending on the political situation, there were some Uyghur ambassadors who created an uproar in China, and there were times when China had killed these ambassadors and merchants.

Uyghur, T'ang, Diplomacy, Ambassador, Merchant

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