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The aim of this study is to assess doctoral dissertations in the field of Social Studies Education between the years 2002-2018 the scope of the different criteria in Turkey. It is also thought that the work to be done will give and a light in terms of contribution to the area. Qualitative research method was used in the research. The data of the research was obtained by document analysis. The research data consists of 158 doctoral dissertations in the field of social studies education registered in the official website of the National Thesis Center of the Council of Higher Education. The data were analyzed by content analysis method. In the analysis of the data, the date of the thesis was published, the university where they were made, researcher gender, sample group of the research, keywords, study group of research, the research method, the data collection tools, according to the unit studied in the research are evaluated in 9 title. As a result of the research, The theses between 2002 and 2018, which can be reached at the thesis screening center of Council of Higher Education, appear to be made at most in 2017. Most of the theses examined were found to be carried out in Gazi University. It is seen that male researchers are more involved in the distribution of doctoral dissertations according to researcher gender. When the thesis is evaluated according to the subjects, it was determined that the most studied subject was “social studies curriculum elements” and “teaching methods used in social studies course”. In the thesis, “social studies” is the most preferred keyword. In the sample group of the theses, it is seen that 7th grade students take more places. When the research model and data collection tools were examined, the researchers preferred to use the most mixed methods and to gather data through interviews/interviews. The most studied unit seems to be "Journey to Turkish History". In line with these results, various suggestions are given.

Social studies education, doctoral dissertations, evaluation.

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