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Technological changes and developments influenced the world in recent years, along with the required perception between generations both in terms of emotion visibly world has paved the way to the formation of a cliff. Together with this difference, generations are periodically divided into different generations. When the literature is examined, it is seen that it is defined as Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, X Generation, Y Generation and Z Generation. But for the last few years, the K generation, a different concept of Y and Z generation, has begun to take place in the literature. Noreena Hertz, professor of Cambridge Judge University of Commerce, was the first to describe this concept, which was used to study individuals born between 1995 and 2002. Generation K is based on the initials of the name of (K)atniss Everdeen, the main character of the film series "Hunger Games". Like every generation, this generation has its own characteristics. The K generation, which opens its eyes to a world that is technologically advanced, focuses on how to use this advanced technology instead of observing how people change the life of the people unlike the generation Y generations. Moreover, this generation of technology has already passed the stages of admiration and surprise, and because they do not remember the previous eras of the digital age, they see technology as an indispensable part of their lives and most of their activities are realized in digital environment. Hertz describes it as a creator, producer and inventor. Because this generation is not only about purchasing but also wants to strike its own stamps on the products, services and media that they are part of in the process of designing and creating. Specifically, technology-driven revolution that Industry 4.0 which click on our door these days, because of the life perspectives and entrepreneurial characteristics which are quite different from other generations name of the doubt in the future of this generation will be heard much more. The aim of this study is to determine the differences in the tendency of technological innovation, which have not been examined empirically enough in the literature. Of technological development and global competitiveness of the sharp increases in the current market conditions K generations in mind, innovative ideas and applications due to play a more important role than other generations, fieldwork different economic and cultural sectors which are thought to represent 406 K generations to persons belonging to voluntary participation living in Turkey . The obtained data were analyzed by SPSS program. Factor analysis, reliability analysis was performed. T-test, kuruskalh wallis H analysis and anova test were performed to determine the differences in the technological innovation trends of the participants. As a result of the analyzes made, it is concluded that there is no difference in technological innovativeness tendencies in terms of the demographic factors of K generation individuals

Technology, Technological innovativeness, Generation

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