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The societies have been advancing constantly throughout the history of the humanity. This advancement has been picking up speed in the recent years and the personal behaviors have begun changing. Today in the business world, undertaking more production with fewer workforce is one of the most debated topics. The organizations, which serve in the manufacturing field, require the concept of institutionalization to increase their quality and competitive capacity. The purpose of this study is to conceptualize the phenomenon that is the psychological contract based on the number of workers in the manufacturing-oriented corporate textile companies within the Denizli Province. The method of the study is a descriptive research of the historical research procedure. The psychological contract scale, which is one of the scales, used in the study, was formulated by Robinson and Rousseau (1994) for the purpose of the quantification of the potential perception of the psychological contract. The institutionalization scale was formed by organizing 21 questions, obtained from Miller, Raid and Seymen. In this study, the perspectives of 3.803 (N) people (out of 38.143 people, who work in 443 companies, engaged in the textile manufacturing in Denizli) who work in the administrative departments, were taken into account on the concept of the psychological contract. For the purpose of the study, 800 questionnaires were sent out and 449 participants submitted replies. In the study, the t-test was used for paired comparisons while ANOVA test was used for multiple comparisons. The correlation matrix was employed for inter-structural analysis. Furthermore, the Cronbach α test was utilized for the reliability test. The results of the psychological contract scale indicated rather positive results compared to the perception of the employees on the institutionalization. This shows that the companies are independent of the concept of the institutionalization and are more inclined to a contract with a person and an employee. While males attach more importance to the psychological contract, no gender-based differentiation was experienced regarding the institutionalization. As the educational status goes up, the perception towards the principles of the psychological contract and towards the corporate mission and vision of the company increases as well. Married employees commit fewer breaches in the psychological contract. While the form of inauguration or the foreign language skills showed no impact on the contract, it was shown that the method is an indicator of the presence of a corporate structure of a company while the employees with language skills rather chose corporate firms. The salaries of the employees also have an impact on the psychological contract. While the psychological contract and the loyalty increase as the salary increases, it was also demonstrated that this has no impact on the institutionalization. The answers, provided by the employees of companies, which are administered by a central authority are substantially lower compared to the answers, submitted by companies, which have a form of board and in which, the decisions are based on consensus.

psychological contract, The organizations, the companies

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