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It is very important to look at the institutions of a society which are organized systems. Such an point of view can analyze society and its cultural environment. Specialization is a result of social division of labor. On the other hand, specialization brings institutionalization. It is possible to say that remedy in Turkish culture have became an association approximately since XI. century. In this study, Divanü Lûgat-it-Türk, which gives important information about folklore has been selected as sample, the remedy practices in the work were evaluated in the context of “functional approach”. At the end of the evaluation, it has been determined that the remedy practices have a systematic structure in Turkish beliefs and practices. In this article is tried to detect the place, importance and functions of the remedy practices in Turkish culture and it is considered that methods and techniques of the remedy is a social institution arising from social needs. In this study, the remedy practices in terms of functions are examined and it has been seen the actor who organizes and manages the practices is a folk doctor, a manager and a wise teacher. In Turkish culture this person is called the kam. Remedy institution has a system and this organization included assigned position of the kams. As a result of evaluations, It has been determined that this institution shows a structure that meets the basic needs of Turkish culture. In this context, the concept of “remedy” is expanded from the use of folk medicine and also used for various applications which were gathered around kams. As a result, in the study, it has been stated that the practices of the remedy, that the institution is shaped by kam and similar actors in the approximately XI. century, fulfill the basic needs of the period; the remedy, which was created in the context of institutions of kamlık, carry out the basic needs of society, including social, economic, biological and cultural from Divanü Lûgat-it-Türk to present.

Divanü Lûgat-it-Türk, Remedy, Remedy Institution, Institutions of the Kamlık, Functionalism.

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