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The commercial activities carried out in the port cities located in the seas of the Ottoman State constitute the boundaries of our subject. The interruptions from the ports of trade between 16-18th century and sailing vessels were emphasized. Besides the commercial life in the port cities, the tradable products are also included. In the face of the problems experienced in the port activities of the period, the measures taken by the Ottoman Empire were tried to be given in chronological order. The ports in the Black Sea, the ports in the Sea of Marmara, the ports in the Aegean Sea and the ports in the Mediterranean Sea arc of great importance in terms of trade history. This study is also important for the researchers who will work on Marine Trade. The exact dominance of the West over the international sea trade of the Ottoman Empire was realised in the 18th century. It was because of the maritime strategies that the Ottoman Empire was not wiped out of the history but even the regression and the collapse periods of it lasted 200 years. Besides the lack of infrastructure and the epidemics, there was a brutal competetion with the foreign companies. This study is based on efforts of Otoman Empire modernizing the sea trade by using Sailing Ship between 18th and 19 century. Sea trade is mostly covered by economics and likewise history of economics is influenced by politics, military and administrative issues, however it is basiclyshped by sea trade. One of the other results of the rapid expanding of European trade, during the Administrative reforms, in regards to seamanship, over the Ottoman Empire was the starting of the development of sea trade with international standards.

Ottoman State. Marine Trade, Port Cities, Sailing Ship, Anatolia

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