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In the article, most of the Turkish peoples, most of them shared the history epic's of Edige studies in the Soviet times. R. Berdibay evaluates the position epic of Edige in Turkish people and the reasons why it is not mentioned in public. The author shows the three periods of “Edige in the Kazakh epic study. The first is the period before the Soviets, the Soviet era and the Independence period. After many years of exile, epic of Edige was compiled and published by R. Berdibay. The epic about Edige is a historical heroic epic. The history of Turkish rights is mentioned in the epic. Our ancestors are the grandest of our past history. The historical person who has great importance in the history of the Golden Horde is the reflection of big Edige Bi ”stories stored in the memory of the people. Berdibay is clearly stated in the article that he is a scholar who states the epics of Turkish peoples in comparison with the epics of Edige. The History of the Golden Horde The Turkic peoples were concealed during the Soviet times. Turkish peoples were taught and taught according to the wishes of historical Russian invaders. In order to correct this mistake, the author of the article examines the historical epics, R. Berdibay. In addition, R. Berdibay explained the reflection of his inability to express his feelings and thoughts during the repression and difficult times. The author tried to reveal the historical reality of the repressive politics of the Kazakh people through the epic.

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