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The types of Kazakh myths and their emergence date are closely linked to the mythological world views of ancient Turks. The myths of the ancient Turks were kept in sections in their writing works. Compilation and editing of them face difficulties in Turkology. Especially the myths of Turkish peoples have not been compiled and examined one by one. In order to study Kazakh myths in particular, the content and structural properties of species should be regulated in general. In this article, Kazakh cosmogonic, antopogondous, totemizm, eshatiologian myths are examined. In today's folklore, the typological relations between myth and the epic were evaluated and their separation into two different types was studied. The common features of myth and epic have been examined and evaluated. The relationship between epic, myth and history is mentioned. Evaluations were made on the typological status of myth and heroism of Turkish rights. The types and events that passed through the mitten saga were investigated. The world views of myths and the formation of myths on the basis of belief are discussed and examples are given. The relationship between the shamans, which is one of the important issues in the foundation of myth and saga based on shamanism, is evaluated. It has been explained how the myth's skeleton transformed into the epic. The appearance of the monster enemy type in myth and epic narrative of the Turkish peoples is explained with examples. Changes in the transformation of mythological narratives into epic and their character types have been analyzed and evaluated with epic examples.

қазақ мифі, космогониялық, антропогондық, тотемдік, эсхатологиялық мифтер, типология, мифтік уақыт.

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