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    Dergimizin haziran sayısı editörlüğünü Hacettepe Üniversitesi'nden Prof. Dr. Emine YILMAZ yapmaktadır.



КЕНЕСАРЫ ХАН ХАЛЫҚ ӘДЕБИЕТІНДЕ (Тарих пен фольклордың ара-қатынасы аспектісінде)
In this study, it is stated that the struggle of Abılay Han with the people of Kazak and the struggle with the other forces, the people who took part in the memory of the people after the struggles, the struggle of Kenesarı with the people and the struggle against the enemy, the difficulties experienced by the Kazakh people. In the period of these difficulties, it was emphasized how the CE and the people struggled with the enemy and the importance of it. Important people such as Syrym, Isatay, Mahambet, Sarjan, and Kenasarı, who talk about the people's struggle in the Kazakh society, have always had an important place in the people's world of thought and cultural value judgments. His reflections on the folklore and the prophets were explained. The reflection of Kenesari's folk imagination on folklore was evaluated. Some common features and differences in Kazakh epics are also given. Abılay and Kenasarı 's epics were evaluated in different situations and examples were given. The bard and the reflection of the bard that was made before and after the war by the people as a tradition among the people has been evaluated. The epic period of the epics is the reflection of the historical reality of the people. In this sense, epics are the mirrors of the period in which they live. These epics, which are told to the next generations by the help of raves and raids, are seen as a reflection of the past. For this reason, heroes of the epic were also included in the works of heroes as the heroes of the people's memory. His side is one of them and one of the symbols of heroism of the Kazakh people. At the same time, the people who have an important place in the life of the people have been transformed into a cultural image by giving their names in some places in the cultural life.

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