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    Dergimizin haziran sayısı editörlüğünü Hacettepe Üniversitesi'nden Prof. Dr. Emine YILMAZ yapmaktadır.



Kazakhs adopting migrant settler lifestyle for long years, survived until today that having child and celebrating his/her birth along with the upbringing issues as in other nations. Ceremonies such as şildehana, besire beruv, at koyu, kırkınnan şığaru, besik toy, bağrından tabak alma, tusau kesüw, sündet performed just after the birth to have well-behaved and respectful children for futurity are among the lifetime values of Kazakhs. In the study; ceremonies at the time of birth and after birth along with the scope of Kazakh family structure, and manner/nurture education within the family in the frame of child’s cultural value judgements have been examined. Additionally, there has been observations on the significance of upbringing individuals connected with traditions as a result of the ceremonies and manner teaching realized in the family. Along with the alterations in Kazakh society, and the changes happened as a result of economic-social and politics affecting ceremonies for birth and child upbringing have been evaluated. Moreover, the role and importance of child related ceremonies in Kazakh populace, and data gained from source individuals by means of fieldwork in order to highlight child upbringing have been interpreted within a theoretical frame.

Kazakh culture, Family and Child, Ceremonies, Child Upbringing

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