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The aim of the study is that Selçuk University Alaeddin Keykubat Campus Faculty of Health Sciences; Health Management, Social Work, and Nursing Department student’s assessment of future and finding job anxiety. The research studied to the Health Management, Social Services and Nursing Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Selçuk University Alaeddin Keykubat Campus within the central boundaries of Konya (April-2017). The sample of the study comprised 324 people. In the study, the Future and Business Anxiety (2014) questionnaire revealed in 2013 applied. The study that was descriptive, the research design used was quantitative. The data got by using face-to-face in the survey analyzed and interpreted by SPSS 25.0 (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) program. 36.4% of the students took part in the research were male and 63.6% were female. The percentage of students participated in the study is equal in proportion to the departments and has a ratio of 33.3%. The distribution according to the grades is 15.4%; the second grade is 16.7%; the 3% grade is 33.6%, and the 4th grade is 34.3%. Approximately 36.1% of the students involved in the research were of 1000 to 2500, 40.1% of 2501 to 4000, 17.3% of 4001 to 5500, 4.6% of 5501 to 7000, and 1.9% have a monthly income of 7001 TL and above. 54.6% of the students participated in the study, 33.6% in the student houses and 11.7% in the family houses. As a result of the study, no significant difference was found between the anxiety levels of male and female students. The level of anxiety of the students of the health management department was significantly higher than that of the students in the social services and nursing department. No significant difference was found between the students' grades and their anxiety levels. No significant difference was found between the family income of the students and the level of anxiety. According to the results of the analysis, a significant difference was found between health management, social services, and nursing students' future anxiety scores. The department that is the highest level of future anxiety is the health management department.

Anxiety, Job, Health Management Bachelor’s Degree Student.

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