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In all developed countries, the importance and meaning attributed to the family is changing, and the number of single-parent children who live with their divorced parents and children who born out of wedlock is increasing day by day. In these societies, the social aspect of the state is generally high, and many responsibilities for the care and growth of children who growing out of the family institution are fulfilled by the state. Despite this protective mechanism, the necessity of a family institution for a healthy society is evident. In countries where there is no social state mechanism or not working well, the importance of the family institution is even greater. Because in these societies, the family acts as a social guardian and is the primary social security roof of the society. In Turkey, the family institution is broken day by day. The number of people getting married is decreasing, the number of people living without family establish is increasing. The cost of luxury marriage and home establish, which is usually determined by customs or traditions or the exaggerated consumption habits, debates arising from these costs, overloaded costs to one side may lead to either avoiding marriages or ending the newly established nests. In this study, a scale has been developed with the help of the literature to measure how marriage costs affect individuals and to determine whether the contribution of the state and social institutions to the basic and necessary wedding and marriage expenses will contribute to the solution of the problems. The questionnaire containing this scale was applied in the field and the obtained data were analyzed. As a result, it has been determined that the costs of weddings and marriages are an important financial obstacle on the way of establishing a new family, the weight of these costs are usually on the male side, and this obstacle can be mitigated by contribution to basic and necessary wedding and marriage expenses. State and social organizations can make this contribution.

Family, Marriage Expenses, Wedding, Social Policy

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