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In this study, the language used by Turkish women living in Babadağ district of Tulcea province is discussed. Women's language is the subject of sociolinguistics, which is a sub-discipline of linguistics, and studies in this area concentrate on how women use language and how language is used in relation to women. After the 1940-1950 women's movements, the issue of women's languages, which has been studied extensively in Europe and on which many books and articles are published, is addressed in a limited number of studies in our country. It is seen that the studies in our country are more concerned with media and women's language. In this study, we chose to use interview texts based on unplanned and instant speaking language. As the subject of the interview was impartial, we decided on recipes and based on five interview texts of women over sixty years of age living in Babadag, Romania. We have classified the data in the texts into ten titles. The words “şey” (thing) which refers to ambiguity and inconsistency, “öyle” and “böyle” (like this, like that) including the meaning as definition, and “sonra” (then) which refers sequenting, and the expressions related to ethnicity, have been identified as common language characteristics in each speaker. The use of dilemmas, referencing analogies, supporting the issue with evidence, waiting for confirmation by asking questions, emotional expressions, repetitive word groups are determined as the language characteristics that can be reduced to the individual language use according to the frequency of use. Thus, two aspects of the language used by women living in Romania-Babadağ have been determined individual characteristics and social language characteristics representing the general population in which women exist

Sociolinguistics, Women, Language, Romania, Babadag

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