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The history of a society, the traditions and traditions of its beliefs, constitute the cultural memory of that society or, in other words, its social memory. Cultural heritage means a shared bond, belonging to a community. Our history and identity; it represents our bond with the past, the present and the future. In a society, traditions from generation to generation, oral history, performance arts, practices in society, traditional craftsmanship, depictions, ceremonies etc. are considered as cultural heritage. They form the cultural heritage that carries the codes of society together with the artifacts revealed by human talents such as painting, sculpture and printing. The meanings and uses of the blood symbol on the cultural heritage formed by blending abstract and concrete abilities with the genetically transmitted blood of the individual and researching the cultural heritage of the individual were investigated. Human beings have been influenced by the cultural environment they live in and used symbolic meanings as well as some first meaning. Blood, in many academic studies, has to be dealt with in the cultural context, especially the use of a relationship with blood symbolism of human emotions, revealing the psychological dimension of this symbol. It is not independent of sociological and religious factors as much as the importance of psychological factors in blood symbolism and cooperates with them. It is noteworthy that blood applications have been intense since ancient cultures. The symbolic meanings imposed on the blood were used to increase fertility, especially in terms of protection and purification, to show gratitude, as a means of communication within the spells, as a means of communication with the dead and to expel the evil spirits. It was observed that blood symbolism in different cultures is similar in many rituals and uses, under which its sanctification comes under widespread view.

Cultural Heritage, Social Memory, Symbol, Blood Symbol.

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