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In this study, it was investigated the results of the analysis of the related to whether the Centralized Physician Appointment System (CDAS) effectively operated. This study, which is a retrospective study, has been conducted to examine the CDAS data of a public hospital with 750 beds between June and July 2016. Data were analyzed via the Microsoft Excel program, 2007 version. Results: Patients’ appointments were higher on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The minimum appointment was taken on Thursday. In most of the quota, the appointment was made in the Obstetrics and Gynecology outpatient clinic (79%) and taken from the General Surgery Polyclinic (27%). The rate of those incoming appointments was mostly in Pediatric Polyclinic (83%) and at least in General Surgery Policlinic (60%). The percentage of those who did not make an appointment was mostly in the General Surgery Polyclinic (40%) and the least in the Pediatric Polyclinic (17%). The number of patients who apply for an appointment and direct application was higher in the internal medicine outpatient clinic. When the appointment times examined, it was seen that they worked more regularly in the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic. When the appointment times were examined, it was seen that the appointment hours were not followed in the afternoon. Conclusion: It was seen that CDAS in the health facility was great as the infrastructure, which the CDAS unlocked in the policlinics, but that this quota opened by the patients not filled by appointment. It was concluded that during the appointment hours the patients examined before or after the appointment time and the patients examined before the appointment time. In order to make the CDAS system more functional for our country, providing training and creation of awareness to the patients and staff will assist to make this system more effective. As a result, the resources of the country will be effectively used and increased patient satisfaction.

Centralized Physician Appointment System, Appointment, Patient Satisfaction

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