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This study scrutinizes Hakan Günday’s novel named Az dated as 2011. There are various arguments regarding whether Hakan Günday can be categorized as an author whose works belong to underground literature. This study dwells on these various views as well. However, this study initially offers analyses regarding the emergence of underground literature around the world so as to build the connection between Hakan Günday and the concepts of underground literature. Afterwards, there is information on the course of underground literature in Turkey, its pioneers as well as the works in this category. In this section, there is particular emphasis on Hakan Günday and Küçük Iskender. As a result, it is argued that the concept of underground literature does not have clear-cut limitations and characteristics yet. Therefore, the study does not question whether Az is an example of underground literature, but it scrutinizes what the underground reflections are in Az Initially in the study, the approaches that support the style, content and the language of underground literature are analyzed to reveal the aforementioned reflections. Afterwards, the style, content and language elements of Az are given as the reasons for its exclusion from the main stream literature. At this point, illegal formations, sexual perversion, violence, and drugs are given as separate sub-titles as they feed the work as an underground literary work. Lastly in the study, critical elements in Az are analyzed as being excluded from the main stream literature also means criticizing the current order. This analysis revealed that the characters in the novel are purified despite their feelings of revenge. The remarkable point here is that purification takes place with the name of Oğuz Atay.

underground literature, novel, Hakan Günday, Az.

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