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Considering the researches and definitions regarding patriotism, it might be stated that patriotism is highly correlated with national pride, national identity, devotion to the nation and counry though there are plenty other terms and definitions related to patriotism. Describing the formation of one’s positive identity understanding through an emotional commitment, patriotism is regarded one of the most significant cluster commitments in modern world. Values like devotion to nation and country, patriotism, respect, integrity and fairness are considered among the affective objectives of the schools. These objectives are directed so as to teach the visible or invisible values stated in school curriculum; to contribute to the ethical development of students and to affect their attitudes positively. The objective of this study is to set the value approaches of high school teachers in instructing the value of patriotism and to gain a new perspective to the notion of patriotism. The study has been designed in accordance with the methods of qualitative research. Case studies have also been used in the study. The participants of the study were 20 history teachers working at high school in Isparta city center at 2017-2018 Academic Year. The data have been obtained via “Semi-Structured Interview” method involving open ended questions developed by the researcher. How the strategy of the study has been used has thoroughly been described in order to foster the reliability of the study. Thus, this has allowed other researchers to be able to use the same strategy in their studies. In the analysşis of the data, descriptive analysis and content analysis techniques have been used. The most significant outcome of the study was that the notion of patriotism was regarded as a sense of mission. Despite various classifications as to the types of patriotism, in this study the patriotism was split into two as individual and social partiotism. Action learning and value analysis methods stood out as the most common value teaching approaches. It has been found that teachers make use of various materials and techniques catering for all learner types like documentaries, short movies, etc. in teaching this value. However, the history teachers have underlined the fact that it is not possible to receive immediate feedback regarding the fact that this value has completely been internalized by students and that it requires a long process. All in all, this study has demonstrated that teaching the value of patriotism, based on the views of history teachers, requires student-centered methods and effective materials.

Value, Teaching Values, The Value of Patriotism, Value Teaching Approaches, History Teachers

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