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Four Cornered Triangle is the only novel of Salah Birsel who is rather known as an essayist in our literature. The novel was written in 1957 and it is seen that some experimental innovations are used when evaluated according to the period it was written. The author claims that the novel is ”the first philosophical novel of Turkish literature". Apart from this big claim, it is difficult to describe the text as a novel. Any reader who is familiar with Birsel's essays can easily determine that his essay style continues in the novel in terms of language, style and content. This text can be called an essay-novel or an experimental novel. In the years when the novel was published, examples of hybridized literary genres had been seen for nearly fifty years within the aesthetic modernism movement. For this reason, it is not possible to talk about the definite characteristics of literary genres, but as seen in this example, it can be determined that conventional forms of writing for a genre may invade the newly tested one. Therefore, this novel is an example of a novel written as an essay rather than hybridization. The most important difference between the genres essay and novel is that the latter is fictional. However, there is no internal consistency of the fictional world in the text. The metafiction at the end of the novel serves as a reminisation of the fictious nature of the text. This is a technique we see both in the modern novel and in the postmodern novel which started to be formed in those years. It serves to eliminate the distinction between real and fiction or to show the fiction is a form of reality and vice versa. However, it is seen that here the metafiction is used as a way out from the deadlock of the fiction which started rather realistic and went fantastic towards the end. This article is an attempt to evaluate Four Cornered Triangle's narrative characteristics, in particular its relation to the essay as a non-fictional genre.

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