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In the history of Islamic thought, the search for different solutions to both theological and philosophical problems has always been put forward. The most fundamental goal of these quests is to illuminate the functioning of revealing and explaining the religious ideas and the important points behind the language. For this purpose, which has a great and serious place in the history of thought and which has a great importance and value especially in terms of existance it is seen that different interpretations about the life problem after death. One of the different approaches that stand out among these interpretations is the eared of the immortality acquired by the Islamic thinkers Farabi and Muhammad Iqbal. The earned immortality can be expressed as the attainment of a privileged position as a result of continually developing, enriching and maturing the individual's identity both theoretically and practically. The immortality that is earned is something that is won, not as a given, but as a result of theoretical and practical long efforts. Farabî brings the concept of nafs to the point of earned immortality that is won and puts forth his remarks in this context. Iqbal argues that you can mature with your life activity and thus achieve immortality. The purpose of this study is to present to argue the idea of the earned immortality, which is a concept which can be expressed with persuasive, promising and abstract tacit support on life after death, which can affect the course of the discussions in the history of thought and emphasize the importance of Islamic thinkers. The method to follow when this discussion is done is systematic comparison method. Possible consequences are to show that the history of Islamic thought is in many ways as well as to bring different approaches to life after death, to focus on a new concept while eschatological discussions are being made, and to make it clear that Farabi and Iqbal's original views on the problems are better known.

Theology, Eskatology, Farabi, Muhammad Iqbal, Earned Immortality.

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