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Business ethics are all ethical behaviors and standards that guide and guide business behavior and movements. The right and proper behaviors should be realized to prevent employees from harming each other and the workplace.The aim of the study is to evaluate the work ethics practices by health sector employees. There is no statistically significant difference between the dimensions of work ethics and the gender and marital status of the participants. There is a statistically significant difference between the institutionalization dimensions of ethics and the institutionalization dimension of the institutionalization dimension. When the relationship between the educational status of the participants and the sub-dimensions of ethics is examined, it is found that those who adopt the ethics of institutionalization are more at the post-graduate education level and those who adopt the ethical appraisal of the business practices have more education levels at primary level. In this study, it is concluded that those who adopt the institutionalization level of ethics and those who adopt the evaluation of business practices in the ethical framework have a 2-3 year working period. This situation may be caused by the labor force in the health sector. In another study, it was determined that there was a significant relationship between working time and ethical climate. In line with the information obtained within the scope of the research, suggestions have been made for the dissemination of business ethics practices in working life

Ethics, Business Ethics, Health Sector, Ethic Consciousness, Openness

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