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It has been revealed for many years by many academic studies that human beings cannot always act rationally and are often influenced by very different and unpredictable variables. Rational human which is one of the assumptions of traditional economics defines the individual as an existence who aims always the utility maximization and acts reasonably/rationally and it evaluates it as an individual who possesses the ability to calculate like a computer according to gaugeable/ perceptible variables. However, people can be influenced by very small manipulations, small factors that affect their decisions and their experience, and as a consequence, they cannot always make the choice which maximizes their utility. The situations that contradict the rational human assumption like this are examined under the heading of "bounded rationality" in the Behavioral Economics literature. In this study, we investigated whether the taste experienced by people is affected by the visual differentiation of the presentation of a product. For this purpose, we offered the same coffee to people with two different cups at the same time and we wanted people to evaluate coffees taste with a score between 0 and 10 points. But we told them they would try two different coffees. While one of the cups was quite beautiful in terms of aesthetics (ornamental), the other cup (simple) was as simple as possible. Our expectation was that coffee drunk with the ornamented cup would be evaluated more delicious. In fact, the result was compatible with our expectations. After this result, we asked the customers to rate the taste by offering only a cup of coffee (with the ornamented cup to one group, with the simple cup to another group). At this stage, although the scores given for the taste of coffee decreased for both cups, the points given for the ornamented cups were still significantly higher. These results show us that presentation evaluated more aesthetically by people can affect the taste they experienced.

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Manipulation.

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