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This research deals with the skills that the individual uses when performing lifelong learning activity. In this process, educating individuals who produce information, can use them as functional and can solve problems is also expressed in the curriculum. However, solving the problem may not be enough. At the same time, reflective thinking is necessary to solve problems. According to Shermis (1992), reflective thinking occurs when a certain problem is perceived. Therefore, reflection can best be observed in the problem solving process. One of the competences, which are also discussed in the curriculum and which the students will need in both national and international level, is the mathematical competence. In this process, besides the problem solving, it is aimed to develop and implement the mathematical thinking style. The other competence, which is stated as learning to learn, is that the individual organizes the learning action individually or as a group, including effective time and knowledge management (MEB, 2018). Therefore, self-regulation is important in the process of problem solving and reflective thinking. In this study, the self-regulation skills of secondary school students and their reflective thinking skills for problem solving were examined in terms of various variables and it was tried to determine whether there was a relationship between reflective thinking for problem solving and self-regulation skills. It was designed as a descriptive research in the survey model. The sample of the study consists of 289 secondary school students in a province in the Aegean region in 2018-2019 academic year. “Reflective Thinking Ability Scale for Problem Solving” developed by Kızılkaya and AŞkar (2009), “Perceived Self-Regulatory Skills Scale” developed by Arslan and GeliŞli (2015) and “Personal Information Form prepared by researchers were used as data collection tools. Reflective thinking skills for problem solving and self-regulation skills of the students were examined and suggestions were made in accordance with the findings. In addition, a positive and high level correlation was found between the reflective thinking skills for problem solving and self-regulation skills.

Reflective thinking skills for problem solving, self-regulation skills, secondary school student

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