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In Turkish, there are grammatical categories without a demonstrator, although they have any grammatical meaning. During the communication some language units are left into the deep structure and some surface gaps are emerging due to reasons such as the principle of minimum effort in language, the necessity to avoid unnecessary repetitions, aesthetic concerns and the obligations arising from the structural characteristics of the language. These affixes that do not take place in the surface structure are indicated with the sign “-Ø”. In the field of linguistics, there is no morpheme that changes meaning or functions in this language phenomenon called zero morphemia (eng. zero-morpheme). In this paper, by examining the structures from the Historical Turkish dialects to nowadays language, we discussed the issue of another passivity (passive form) without affixes, that can be called zero morpheme and can be included in the grammatical categories as zero morpheme. The passive verb is the non-specific verb, in which the subject or object who/which does the action is not clearly reported. Starting from the Old Turkish, there are verbs that do not contain passivity affixes such as -l- and -n-, but express a passivity form, which is appeared only in syntax. Most of the verbs defined as passive without affixes, have had passive forms made by -l- and -n- affixes during the periods in which they have been used: for eg ˝ay-, ayıl-˝; ˝yarat-, yaratıl-˝; ˝kıl-, kılın-˝; ˝tu-, tun-, tul-˝; ˝it-, itil-˝; ˝çal-, çalın-˝; ˝yaz-, yazıl-. We may say that the Turkish used in Turkey, in all its periods has had forms of passivity without affixes (for eg. “kapı çalındı”, instead of “kapı çaldı” ; “yapılacak işlerim var”, instead of “yapacak işlerim var”)

Turkish dialects, zero morpheme, passivity

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