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In this study, the terms such as refugee and asylum seeker, historical development of the notion of asylum,status of the notion of asylum in Turkey,legal arrangement of refugee in Turkey is to be handled. Also the refugee, living the major transit pass Çanakkale and common problem of asylum seeker, harmony of social life, cultural integration, life condition is to be handled. In this condition, Turkey has been lived nearly 3.9 billion as a refugee. Canakkale is generally used for the transit routes, to the island of Lesbos. Nevertheless 268 refugee stay pertaining to in Çanakkale according to legal record. In this figure is accounted for nearly %5 average of Turkey. Also data of Police Headquarters, recently it has grown up illegal immigrant and asylum movement towards on Çanakkale. Such movement, stated amount of between 1500 and 2500 refugee by illegal immigrant also transit pass yearly. Hence, being increased to be trying to pass death of refugee by illegal boat also vessel as of late An important element that should be evaluated in terms of refugees in Çanakkale is the need to gain work by living and doing. The priorities of relatives, acquaintances and fellow countrymen who come to the city on the occupants, work and residents will come to the fore. The most important guarantee in not having requested the qualifications and training of those people find jobs in urban areas and the United Nations refugee rights provided by the Republic of Turkey. Refugees are considered as a cheap labor force in the province, creating a negative situation for jobseekers.

Human trafficking, Çanakkale, Lesbos, immigrant, refugee

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