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Proverbs, idioms, stereotyped expressions, prayers and curses are important for a language to contain important events of the hundreds or even thousands of years of national memory, the most archaic word elements. Some of the words used in these structures are now forgotten in the dialect of the region as well as not being used in the standard language. Since the proverbs and idioms have not changed, we can come across very important religious, cultural, national and historical elements in these constructions. These elements sometimes trace the traces of many cultural materials we leave in very distant geographies, sometimes as a hint of archaic pilgrimage. In this study, the proverb, idiom, expression, , prayers and curses that will be compiled from Çağırgan Village of Denizli province Tavas county which is an Oguz-Turkmen settlement will be discussed. This material was obtained by compiling from time to time over a period of about ten years. The subject to be discussed is not made by the compilation method and it is collecting of the language materials that are fully noted in natural environments. By giving the meanings of proverbs, idioms, phrases, prayers and curses; the etymological roots of some words in these constructions will be given, and some words and constructions will be open to discussion. Examination of these words will be based on the Scanning and Compilation Dictionary including Old Turkish sources. As a result, this mold, which has been used for centuries, is hidden in the words and many original words and structures which have kept themselves will be brought to the Turkology and new discussions will be opened.

National memory, yörükler, proverb, idiom, Çağırgan

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