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After the NATO Summit in 2018, US President Trump gave a two-month period to Russia by blaming it to violate the Medium-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) which was adopted in 1987 by two countries. In six months, the US will withdraw from the INF if no new treaty is signed with Russia. In contrast, Russia suspended the treaty due to of claiming that US infringes it with the NATO Missile Shield project. The Russia’s approaches as an USSR’s successor to the missile shield project representing one of the two poles in the Cold War order are extremely critical issue in respect of the EU's security. Indeed, the history of the NATO Missile Shield project was based on the US National Missile Defense System in the 1980s under Ronald Regan. International security is the main concern of the states in global politics. Since US despite of being one of the super powers cannot be enough to protect its security in the modern world transforming a village this project was subsequently revised and adopted as the EPAA (Progressive Adaptation Approach for Europe) project in the Lisbon summit of NATO. In this article, firstly, how and why the idea of ​​the Missile Shield Project emerged will be elaborated. Technically, basic information about what the system is and how it works will be summarized. Then it will be pointed out the efficient and results of the missile shield system in regards of Turkey’s relationship with Iran which has deep historical ties. It’ll be paid attention to Turkey’s soft power and diplomacy with Iran to realize the project which has great significance to provide security of EU. Finally, it will focus on the strategic role of Turkey with Russia in the course of Missile Shield project.

NATO Missile Shield System, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), International Security,

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