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Celal Nuri, intellectual of late period of Ottoman Empire and early age of New Republic, was one of leading representatives of western ideology with his journalist identity after Second Constitutional. Affected by social and political environmet, after beginning journalism in 1909, he had assesments on why Ottoman Empire had a decline and collapse period and declared some solution proposals. Structuring his ideas on center of West, he continued this style after New Republic was founded. At the point of his evaluation of Western civilization and how to structure Westernization, he was affected by political and social radical changes due to Balkans War, First World War, collapse of Ottoman Empire and foundation of New Republic thus his approach to Westernization fluctuated in some periods. Eventually he was seperated as a “partial westernization” supporter in an ambient intellectuals used to be a supporter of ”total or partial Westernization” at late periods of Ottoman Empire before collapse. After New Republic was founded, a transformation was observed in his approach. Therefore in this study, Celal Nuri standing out in Westernization ideology as an intellectual and journalist, is discused on basis of approach to Europe and West civilization, considering the transformation in Ottoman and Republic transition period.

Westernization, Civilization, East, Progress

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