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In the 21st century, within acceleration in the world conjuncture and the reflections of the struggles of the geopolitical axis to economics field have caused new problem such as global migration which have a different form and brings out comprehensive impacts for real politic. In the 21st century, the most important development which gave a new direction to the phenomenon of migration was the collective movements which is labeled “Arab Spring” that started in North Africa in 2011 and as a result of the social protests that spread to the Middle East countries. It didn’t affect not only the region’s countries, but also caused to accelerate mass refugee flows towards developed countries. The countries which struggle with the developments that deeply affected the international economic process due to the 2008 global financial crisis and the Eurozone debt crisis focused on defense expenditures due to geopolitical risks and political vulnerabilities. Impact of the operation of the global economic order that regional developments advance by spread over a period of time has created results that appearing in different areas. In this context, the migrant/refugee crisis which has been risen from the Middle East to the whole world, has forced state to change their current economic position. The social and political demands that are different from the pure economic approach laid down in the framework of the labor supply and demand which are at the basis of the neoliberal migration theory has led to re-interventionist structure economic functions of state, notably in Turkey, both developed and developing countries again. In this study for this purpose, it is aimed to reveal the effects of new immigrant wave that turned to refugee crisis since 2011, for the state’s roles in European Union (EU) and Turkey’s economy that is affect which parameters and on Turkey-EU relations.

Migration, Refugee Crisis, EU, State, Neoclassic

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